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Ron Jones

Ron Jones is from Augusta County, Virginia.  His dad moved the family there from Alexandria the year after he helped coach the TC Williams Titans (remember them?) to the '71 Virginia state championship.  They bought and renovated an abandoned farm house on Baron Ridge, where he transitioned from city boy to country boy overnight.  

He joined the Navy after graduating high school and worked on nuclear power plants before going to Old Dominion University in Norfolk and becoming a Navy Officer.  

Although he was around Jesus a lot over the years, he never met him until his first child was born - an event that brought him face to face with the need to really know what life is all about.

In 2019, after a thirteen year long battle with treatment resistant depression, he stepped down from the organization he was leading to take a job doing manual labor, looking for space to recover.  It was then the Holy Spirit became real to him, speaking to him and walking him slowly out of the "valley of the shadow of death" and into a renewed life.

Ron and his wife Tina met in high school when she was 14 and he was 17.  Currently she runs a home day care. Along with his day job with the government, Ron is a counselor and the founder of Abiding Life Coaching and Counseling (ALCC).  Ron also teaches boot camp at the YMCA where they work out together each morning at 5AM.  He is a novelist in his spare time.  They have two grown children.


Nick Seretis

Nick Seretis grew up in Norfolk, Virginia, the youngest son of Greek parents. His father lived through the Nazi occupation of Greece, became a merchant mariner, and came to America to start a new life. When you say “it’s all Greek to me” he actually knows what you’re talking about. Although he was born fully Greek, his parents made him go to Greek school so he could learn how to be Greek. The only thing he retains from those days (besides being able to speak the language) is a firm belief that’s he is a descendant of Alexander the Great. 
Nick found Jesus while participating in Young Life camp - although he still refuses to reveal any details of what goes on at  Young Life camp.  Young Life gave Nick the first taste of a different type of Jesus, a Jesus he had never heard of before. It was the beginning of a spiritual journey he is still living out today. 
He graduated from Maury High early to join his brother’s show band, Savannah, as they toured the eastern U.S. 50 weeks out of the year. He kept up that schedule for several years until, exhausted from life on the road, he left the band and returned to Norfolk to join his father running the world-famous Greek restaurant, Orapax (you’ve heard of it, right?) which he operates to this day.
Nick and his lovely wife Pam are proud parents of 5 children and 2 grandchildren.  She works as a NICU nurse caring for babies in a local hospital.

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