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What's It all about?

What's it all about?

Ron and Nick are Christians, and have been for a long time, but we've come to realize we did not recognize a vital truth:  the Holy Spirit of God is a person who can be known, a person who wants to be our best friend.


The Two Sides  

It seems that in our modern church culture there are two sides:  the "Father, Son, and Holy Bible" side and the "Father, Son, and Holy Gifts" side.  If you were raised on one side you were probably taught to mistrust the other, but what about the Holy Spirit?  His book is worshipped and His gifts are worshipped, but who worships


The Mantra

We hear the mantra: Christianity is a relationship, not a religion, but the person heaven gave us is largely ignored.  Ron and Nick are discovering (rediscovering) a truth which many saints before us knew:  all of us can live all the time with a best friend who loves us and speaks to us if we will take the time to cultivate our relationship with him.


Sharing Our Best Friend  

Our podcast is our attempt to share our relationship with our best friend with you as we tell our stories and invite him to show up and tell us the story behind the story.  We want to invite you to get to know Him - you can start here:  Our Best Friend.  We are convinced that knowing Him will not only change your life but that more of us knowing Him better will change the world. 

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